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Janusz Pobożniak
Dr inż.

Phone (48 12) 628 32-66
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Workplace  3/7a, bud. 6B

R&D activities

Automation of planning and design tasks using CAx: manufacturing process planning using export systems, knowledge representation methods, development of knowledge bases, integration of CAD/CAPP/CAM systems with feature technology, feature recognition algorithms, integration of CAx applications with API interface, FT&A methodology
Computer aided programming of CNC machine tools: manual programming in ISO language, programming in integrated CAD/CAM systems, use of intelligent templates for automation of programming based on knowledge bases, development of tool and fixture databases with functions for selections on different levels of automation, development of virtual machine tools for program simulation.
The use of ERP systems in technical and organizational production preparation: development of databases of workers, tools, machine and other production resources, storage of manufacturing processes and assigning the necessary raw materials and resources, planning methods, production scheduling, reporting and surveillance on production, calculation of production costs taking into the account the raw materials, resources and auxiliary costs.

Janusz Pobożniak

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